Our bodies are amazing machines! Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week our subconscious mind is taking in data, analyzing, and storing our life’s journey within our very being—most of which is totally unknown at our conscious level. Have you ever reacted in way that surprised you? Do you feel heavy hearted but don’t know why you can’t shake it? Are you experiencing aches, pain, even illness? Is there a memory that keeps surfacing? All these – and much more – can be impacted by the roughly 90% of our subconscious brain.

It was in 2019 the book Emotion Code by Dr Bradley Nelson, ended up in my hands. At that time, reading through the book and practicing the technique to released trapped emotions, I was amazed at how good I felt after each session and how life changing it was for me. I realized I wanted to help others let go of their excess emotional baggage, old guilt, former hurts, painful past memories and help them make sense of their own life.

Dr. Bradley Nelson, a holistic chiropractor, was graced with the revelation and discovery of how to painlessly release old emotional baggage from our past. Nelson’s technique bypasses the need to relive past memories and goes directly to the source, the subconscious, to gently bring forward these trapped emotions and/or memories. Dr. Nelson then expanded the knowledge he received through his practice of Emotion Code® into what we now know as Body Code™. This process gives the ability to identify what area in your body may be impacted by trapped and unprocessed emotions.