Welcome! My name is Kristi Hager. I was born and raised in a rural community in northeast Iowa. My husband and I have been married since 1986. We have three grown children and two grandchildren.

I began my professional career as a registered nurse in 1985. I quickly realized I loved patient teaching and learning about the wonders of our human body. During my 25 year career I enjoyed the opportunity of working in Neonatal and Adult the Intesive Care Units, Emergency and Trauma Department, Invasive Lab and Cardiac Cath Lab. I worked as a school nurse for two years and had a short stent in a nursing home. I ended my nursing career in the Cancer Center.

We had the opportunity of owning and operating a 29-acre campground for 22 years. This was a dream of my husbands for as long as I ever knew him. Not only did he want to own a campground he knew the one he wanted! His life-long dream became a reality in 1999. We sold our campground to a younger, more energetic couple in the year 2021.

For me, my background in Nursing, love of learning, and faith lends a perfect blend in this latest endeavor as a Emotion & Body Code practitioner.

My Intentions as a Practitioner

  • Help you make sense of your life. This is my joy.
  • Recognizing the sacredness of this process of being able to share in your journey through life.
  • Maintain the expectation by releasing trapped emotions and imbalances will allow you to move forward in life as your true self.
  • See the miracle that you are a gift given for the world by God.
  • Through this process you may find an increasing desire to seek the Divine.
  • Maintaining confidentiality–unless I’ve been given permission to share your story.
Body Code Certification