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Discovery Session: $30
Check it out! Experience an Emotion & Body Code session. If you decide it is for you, select an individual Emotion & Body Code session or save more by selecting a package below to continue the process the emotions that not longer serve you. As Dr. Bradley Nelson says, “It’s time to take out the garbage!”

Emotion & Body Code: $60
This is a unique process to release trapped emotions from us. These trapped energies cause imbalances in our energy flow and are likely to cause aches, pains, illness, and emotional distress. You will receive via email an outline of your session usually within the same day.

Package of 3 Sessions: $150
Emotion & Body Code sessions are a sequential means to healing the body. By releasing trapped emotions, the body can then heal itself in various ways. Emotional experiences in childhood are carried with us into adulthood and can manifest themselves in an interesting manner. These sessions help us heal the past. There is a savings of $30 by buying this package.

Package of 6 Sessions: $285
This package of six sessions saves you $60. This is our most economical package. Emotion & Body Code is a process of gradually peeling back the onion…typically not a one and done. It is a gradual journey to better physical and emotional health.

PET Session…yes, we can do pets: $30
Pets often times experience trapped emotions and can also absorb our emotions. Sessions are done via proxy with permission of the pet and its owners. Clients will receive a script of the pets sessions as well.

Legacy Session: $30
This is for Clients who have been with me prior to 1 May 2023.
As a thank you for clients who have been with me during the process of obtaining certification and in the early period of becoming a Practitioner, I will continue to offer this service at a lower cost. Thank you for your loyalty and I hope your healing journey continues to bring you peace and good health.

Additional Opportunties for Healing & Growth:

I would encourage you if you have had Emotion & Body Code or other inner healing and want to go further to consider Spiritual Direction. This is a process of having a director walk with you in your story. Discovering God with you and how He is speaking to your spirit whether you recognize it or not. I would recommen reaching out to:

Barb Winters-Kelly, certified Spiritual Director

Home: 563-535-7634

Cell: 563-568-7399