Energy and It’s Impact

Everything in the world has energy and our bodies are no exception. Each part of our body has an energetic field, including our organs and tissues. Similarly, emotions, experiences, traumas, interactions all carry energy. You can relate this to the emotional stress you carry after receiving unsettling news, or when your marriage is struggling. This energy may become trapped within our bodies and create an imbalance within us. The impacts of these imbalances can affect us in a variety of ways. They may lead to physical discomfort or emotional turmoil. By releasing this trapped energy, the body is then able to better heal itself!

One young lady had shoulder pain in which she had seen medical doctors, received massage, medications, acupuncture, and physical therapy for over 10 years. She received intermittent relief but only temporarily. Her first Body Code session she reported feeling the pain leave. Two weeks later, right before her next scheduled session she reported the pain had returned. This became a pattern for her. It turned out this shoulder was where many of her trapped emotions were being stored. She is now pain free in that shoulder.

Don’t underestimate the power of trapped emotions in your body!