What should I expect during the first Session?

Emotion & Body Code™ sessions are offered over the phone or remote. Both are effective; I rarely offer sessions in person. Either way you will receive the results of your session via email.

The remote method is the most flexible for both you and I.  Select a date amd time that works for you via online calendar (book your session here).  The session will be done and results are emailed to you–typically the same day.  This also allows the opportunity to juggle my clients as needed during the day.

IF you prefer your session over the phone you will be able to give me a call during the time identified on the online calendar. Often over-the-phone sessions with can leave clients a little surprised by what may show up in their session. When trapped energies are released some may experience a memory surface that was associated with that event. This may lead to further delving a little deeper into that period of your life based on what your subconscious wants you to know. Sometimes having the first session over the phone will bring you greater clarity in how the process works as well.

The first session, if done over the phone, is typically about 60 minutes. Sessions that follow vary from 30-45 minutes but can be longer. I’m willing to work with your subconscious as long as your subconscious is willing to release trapped energies.

What should I expect after the Session?

“Processing” happens automatically and typically will last from three to five days. After a session, your body will process the emotions that were released.

During the end of a session and during the processing time, you may experience a shift in how you feel mentally, emotionally, physically and/or spiritually. It is very common to feel lighter, calmer and happier. You may notice that you respond differently in situations, have increased motivation, or, notice physical symptoms may be lessened or even disappear totally.

Processing symptoms may be experienced by your body. This is usually quite brief, but it is good to make you aware of. These symptoms may include:

  • Feeling sleepy or more tired
  • Irritable or more sensitive
  • You may notice “echoes” of the emotions released being manifested; i.e. Sadness or anger outburst
  • Vivid dreams may occur; feel free to bring up dreams as these may lead to trapped emotions readying themselves for release.

Be aware that if you had misalignments corrected you may initially experience an increase or return of symptoms. Your body may have become used to the “abnormal” alignment and when once realigned your body may look at this as being the abnormal and send fluids to stabilize that area. Consider this a good sign that things are healing (in a day or so ).

If processing-like symptoms continue after the processing period, it may indicate that the body has more emotions to release.

Or, sometimes in the processing other things are shifted around and you may end up needing a slight realignment/release to continue the processing. No worries. This is rare but may occur which is why I mention it.

After my first session I felt so peaceful in my heart and mind. My mind is quiet. Love it. No irritation. Just peaceful.     Peggy W

How many sessions will I need?

Trapped emotions are ongoing in life.  However, most people have a goal in mind (knee pain, depression, anxiety, headaches, back pain) and when that goal is met they may take a break.  For me, after several months of ‘practicing’ I literally forgot all about doing Emotion Code on myself; two years later I was drawn back to address some emotional wounds that had surfaced. Many individuals return for more work after a break.

Can Body Code™ be done on children?

Yes, parents must give permission for their children; however, once a child is 18 they will need to give permission themselves for sessions.

Thank you so much! I have actually noticed a change in Hadley (age 8) behavior for the better!! Amy S.

May I work on family without letting them know?

No, however, when Inherited Emotions are released they are released from all family members who may have inherited them. So indirectly you can help other family members by going through emotion and body code yourself. For myself, an inherited Wall of Shame (muliple trapped emotions of shame) was one such example; this shame came from ten generations back through my maternal lineage and impacting only females in the blood line. This Wall of Shame was removed from all who had inherited it including my children and granddaughter! This is much like the imagery of a vine being pulled from a tree.


  • To prevent emotions from becoming trapped in the body in the future it is important to acknowledge them. You can talk with someone about a stressful experience, journal, recognize the event happened and release it, meditate, etc.
  • There may be value in looking back upon past sessions and identify your top three or four “go to” emotions. By recognizing our normal patterns of behavior we may learn to look upon times of “unsettlement” with fresh and renewed vision.
  • A reminder that anything can cause anything. Sometimes the ‘rabbit trail’ may not make sense. That’s okay; your subconscious understands it.

Feel free to reach out at anytime to me with any questions or thoughts you may have. My email is memor.ease2@gmail.com.